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general health. Great attention to cleanliness. Bathing with dilute solu
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gitis by the occurrence of acute bedsores or by cystitis. So too where
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to the king the surgeons were formally separated from the barbers as the
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remember him most for his role as Associate Dean of Admissions. He was
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inoculation. She might very possibly have contracted the
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be dark and that from the left bright red. Senac 1794 who
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so far as experience shows very little influence upon its course.
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of the affection of cutaneous sensibilitj has been frequently
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laboratory moved here from Trier and did all the laboratory work
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relieving the congestion of the brain at tlie commencement restoring
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from the inoculated animals the progressive necrosis was observed
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secreted varies considerably owing to many causes of which the principal
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by the botanist Jordan whose origin was difficult to explain by fluc
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officers presentation and discussion of papers and the considera
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transmit the spirochaete from animal to animal and to transmit
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specimens of haemophilia bleeding occurs without any change in the
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the patient s health has been restored. In this one case
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however has shown that when this derivative is given in emulsion
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During the year ended August 1917 the author studied an outbreak
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These cases are by no means free from dilJiculty but if there
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quence of the establishment of this irritation at a short distance
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quinine and preparations of iron have also been used. Rayer
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walked through the snow to her sister s where Dr. Abbot
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cosa with thickening and softening of the epithelium so that it
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fill the faid concauitie and to diuide the parts afunder
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ciple that the investigations to be sound and scientific must proceed
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the Dominion. It is but fair to say that at all the
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among those present were the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor Sir
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harmless tuider all circumstances. The soda extract of the
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difficulty was that after the words hospital treatment
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ventricle by way of the jugular vein gave rise to similar irregu
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this is impossible it should be protected by petrolatum.
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used while the tougher and more resistant reticulum of
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hygienic question. Most physicians know of the family and
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similar to those held by Radcliffe. In one of his books
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and these only on condition that they were presented
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tends to give it some support namely the observation often made that narcotics
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foxglove should submit their batches before drying to the
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habitually assumes a posture that would be painful if
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cil data for an exact statement of the relative frequency. As regards
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dition neurasthenia which unfortunately has become so
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epithelium with pycnotic nuclei. In many areas this pycnosis and shrinking extended to
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tion of the column of Burdach. This is shown in Fig.
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ment can bo carried out within the first twentij four hours
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of that subject have been exceptionally thorough. The
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Front. The solutions of many of the problems confronted by our Medical
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Calendar of the College of Medicine for 1921 2. If the
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epileptic seizure may be aborted by ligature of a limb or part above
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the City of London is now considerably less than half what it was
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clay coloured bearing in suspension little yellowish grey flocculi
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may conceivably produce similar shadows. In my series of cases I have
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made quite a projection. On examination a swelling larger than an
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Opportunity for an efficient autopsy was not offered but so far
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excretory passages with this difference that instead of terminating in
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the disease absolute rest in bed on a semi solid diet is always
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sion stand correspondingly high in their respective communities
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hospital photographer reported that the x ray plate
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his opinion it is these axones which correspond to the
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Differential Biagnoaia. Cardiac hypertrophy may be confounded with
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if the teacher is not a physician and therefore ab
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the surgical section of the 2nd Northern General Hospital
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ogy pathology or therapeutics through all the centuries
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porary says that in some hospitals the use of mirrors
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of the students of today would reap a harvest of instruction
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ble. All abnormal openings in the diaphragm are much
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ductus of the ureter and likewise enormous vomitings by the
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for ready use and more scientific so that whatever is outside of
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mercury in 28 cases but had not found it as successful
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month of April adult mosquitos were caught in all districts the majority
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died from eclampsia 1 from placenta prsevia and pneumonia 1 from pulmo
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the lateral ventricles communicated freely with each
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of acute general peritonitis in patients acutely sick for
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irrigated with hot corrosive sublimate solution 1 to
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phanin reaction he considers valueless in the diag
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fessor of physics at the University of Bordeaux has
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put his views before the world until the year 1755. As regards
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abled men are sent to the United States for discharge all the other
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the Queen of Spain. Soon afterwards Queen Isabella gave
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particularly in anemic patients. The reflex causes such as
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Spare ribs pork. The ribs cut from the belly of pork. Half sheets
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