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embrace the obstructing body by a forceps concealed in the bulb at
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that extensive resection must be resorted to. These are the cases which
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Now in each of these situations there are groups of
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Continuing medical education programs are under the auspices of the Division of
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diminished heat production. It is impossible that there
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The Chair Dr. Pittman s paper is now up for discussion by Dr.
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United States Navy for the week ending August 10 1907
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of the heart with bulging of the first part of the ascending aorta.
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weakness. The leucocytes are usually not increased
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found on the anterior surface of the auricle and anterior margin of the
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and hypei trophied left ventricle heart weighed 22 oz. no valvular disease
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age and experience count for nothing I feel I may be pardoned for
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in another case the patient had sciatic pain extending to the toes.
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Microscopically we have found the organisms always to be
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For want of a better term l r.xplinn he Ix neticial actions of
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encroachment on the thoracic space interfering with the breathing
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The Skuptschina of Servia passed on the 5th instant a new law
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doctrine of solidism with its susceptibility or irritability
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Usually by elevating the dog s pelvis sufficient force was present
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a cerebral hemorrhage takes place and the patient is killed or
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Infected cases were transferred to the Lareto Hospital and
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both cases the eggs were kept at 30 C. and moistened daily. Nine
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zinc instead of the sodium sulphate he had ordered. The
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and finally occurred once or oftener every day. The symptoms consisted
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lixing the rates of pay and allowances for officers and men of
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this stand for three days then grease the blistered part with
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Massachusetts and most properly organized state hospitals else
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or the deep lamellae depends on the seat of the in
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should be made to the secretary at 283 Harrow Road W.9.
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It was the promptings of the latter principles and doctrines
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small contracted and empty the cystic duct was a fibrous cord.
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tained from oxyhemoglobin the darkest portion corre
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animal aflions which are attended with confcioufnefs hy the repeated
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Bcmi solid discharges occur. As intestinal hyperaemia is always pres
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wound. I think Nicholas Senn has advised the same. If a
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be selected in cases in which the tumor is of such a size
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glands were so adherent to nerves and vessels as to
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unquestionably should be classified according to the dif
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be thickening and contraction of each the borders of the segments
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Pig. 2. Yearly incidence of rheumatic fever at Guy s 1900 9 expressed
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The publications of members of the department for the year July 1909
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Dr. Gaston moved that a vote of thanks be tendered the Presi
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implies a collective fund of activity to which all human beings
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President of the National Committee which bought aero
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ing physician who diagnosed gonorrheal epididymitis Exami
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explicable by malaria or any apparent cause one wondered whether
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spiration and there are numerous varieties of milk metastasis recorded.
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then to change the gauze with the aid of retractors. In this
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hue of arterial blood could no longer be restored in it either by
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A caution most needful to be insisted upon at the outset is that
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instances effect has been given to the Board s representations. At the
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The ODJect in feeding sprcuted grain to hena in winter
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cannot be too strongly emphasiztnl that a digital explor
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the patient s consciousness of the thoughts underlying the symp
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ous matter had been manifested e. the period between the introduc