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We regret exceedingly to record the tragic death of Dr. Horsey of
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excellent the urinewas passed naturally and freely.
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ing staif will work with the students in industries
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laboratory in some detail. The pathological section is
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ceroit son tbudre sur ina famille de chagrin que j aurois
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atics of the subserous layer of the pleura were considerably enlarged
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years. The waters are administered internally and applied externally
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the Month. as the obturator foramen must be extirpated.
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called national in such countries as America and England. Perhaps
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the heart will undergo acute fatty degeneration from insufficient nutrition.
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developed as separate independent counties. The thirty eighth county was
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greatly advanced by collecting all these inscriptions within the
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for uight service also at the steamboat wharves do
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Composition. Caluraba contains three yellow crystal
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and the morbid process is then general the liver suffering in common
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five hour week the average production per day was 42.8
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her 2 counseill in alle maner of causes lawfull and honest to her
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to contain a quantity of a rery peculiar powder each grain having a
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troductioQ of the catheter either by the advice of Dr. Yeats
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its capacity is markedly diminished or when it is so
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for uight service also at the steamboat wharves do
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immunity. A second series of two or three injections of toxin antitoxin
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Plastic operations such as turning the fistula into the
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were most subject to peritoneal adhesions of insidious
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pointed Chief Food Inspector of the City of Savannah. Dr.
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expectoration has been lessened in all instances and
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To produce rapid ptyalism with very little disturbance of the
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before Dr. Vaughan reached the university and his report be
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such co operation. For ourselves recognising the importance of every
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to dispense with the skill and advice of a competent veterinary sur
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picked out but this will not eflectually destroy them for many will
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itself or whether the thyroid simply acts as a storehouse for iodine
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Boucheron of Paris ri believes that retinte detached by trau
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a month a piece to pay the inspector Weldon doing the laboratory work
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the centre of the glass and inoculated with the material to be studied.
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diagnosis of typhoid fever may be made in he earliest stages of
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is falling much below the standard of about twenty to the minute it
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did retire my head all filled with epiblastic tumors my stomach with things
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produces congestion of the kidneys. Thus a myocarditis fatty degener
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in this region and others are following his example.
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tance to a suitable place outside the watershed and
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that he is holding the office of County Collector of Essex
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ready to render courteous service to all whom he could
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total of twenty threecasesof venous thrombosis in pneumonia. Thefemoral
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medical practice laws and which has made the District
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injury. If the mouthing is conducted in the stable the horse is either
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experimentally by a great niunber of observers Hueck Knack
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large numbers of pneumococci and no other micro organ
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fl 4 come at the necke of the bladder nor further then the
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attacked. It is due both to physiological and to pathological changes in
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is what is this disturbance The problem is a very difficult one
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course of time be followed by inflammation of the mediastinal glands
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disturbing the other patients in the medical depart
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in the fact that when therapeutics is spoken of most men call
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projectiles in a large percentage of cases heal in without reaction since
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foot. Pipes and sinuses are then made in every direction but the outlet
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To all these distinctions he added goodness sweetness of soul