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disease of the liver. There was no evidence of there
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Pickering Pick and carried with great applause. A vote of thanks
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tion excitenient or pressure. Has this any relation
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tropica. Some warty excrescences on the dorsum of the foot and toes
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Indian Blue Bottle whose Larvae occasionally cause cutaneous
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upon the expiration of his present sick leave will proceed to Colum
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acter of the pulse. Of the patients who survive operation performed
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made a speedy uninterrupted recovery. The growth and development of
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the raven eats nothing but carrion and lives to a greater
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Tissue Change. Metabolic activity is not altered io
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being driven. A horse should always be blanketed Avhen standing in a
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ney itself or of the pelvis and upper portion of the ureter. I
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Causes Infection of the uterus following parturition may cause
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of bloating colic restlessness retching dyspnea and occa
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thoroughly investigated and concerning which opinions
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indications for the employment of salicylate of soda
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operation which had been urged with some persistence and
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manure heaps growing to a height of one or two feet and bearing
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more easily at any rate in the simplest cases. Assume an isolated
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outlined by Sachs in his admirable History of Botany 2 modern
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iodide externally. Potassium iodide iu small doses dimin
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emanation Radium in Biologic und HeUkunde 1911 i 132. Gudzent F. Klin
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inches in a direction almost perpendicular to the surface of the region.
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the most complete and compact manuals in the English language.
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recently determined through a series of experiments upon monkeys
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was an epidemic of cerebrospinal meningitis. The attacks were
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was surrounded on all sides except its base by a layer of
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be due to the extension of tubercular typhoid or dysenteric ulcers in the
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the muddy tint of the malarial subject or the bronzing of the malady
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not been documented for contemporary mouse stocks Transmission is by airborne
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when they may be put over thr fire to boil When fish
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pass toward the brain in the medial lemniscus undergoing relay in
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malad. chirurg. Laflize Sur l emploi des alimens dans la cure des
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class of observers it is exceedingly objectionable and gives rise to
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to that of silver nitrate as being generally quite as useful and often
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precision of neurology offers an excellent introduction to
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The legs consist of a number of segments jointed together as shown
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one examination. Struggling has a marked inhibitory effect
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from the disease. A specimen so rare as this we would
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up by continuous catgut suture through whole wall and Lembert s suture
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morphine cocaine and the other drugs enumerated in the
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the current used in the large electric lamps upon our
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form gauze tampon according to Hajek s method gives splendid
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