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As in aneurism extreme measures have been resorted to and thrombosis and

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He also says it seems quite possible that the valves

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that such views are contrary alike to reason and to fact.

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there was pain in the right side of the head and tremor of

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a pure culture of a Gram positive diplococcus. The pathologist

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the destructive processes of this affection though the pyogenic organisms are

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Sclerosis of the pulmonary artery is found especially in connection

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made operative. It may in any event be found necessary

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bU. Charles Downing says It has stronger and more vigorous canes has

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Intermittent fever at times reaching 104 F. continued throughout the illness

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that are being put out more and more extensively every year we

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alcohol 50 cc water 45 cc. Benzine may be applied on the head

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In the upper extremity a spasmodic flexion of the fin

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factory sections of the late stages the dried necrotic tissue being extremely

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sometimes able to say when a particular monstrosity began to deviate

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Neurological. Cranial nerves normal motor power normal

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has not fulfilled some purpose and been of some use

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That exophthalmic goiter the clinical manifestations of which

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similarity of these two kinds of hereditary ataxia in human cases.

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and rapidly becomes hot and stuffy as all well know who have been

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tories to enact effective laws or regulations for the control of

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dence that Mr. Miller had never himself performed it nor is a record

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pears. In occasional cases only the disease may continue a couple

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is difl erent in certain respects from the male body and

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saved and the amount and character of the nutrition was

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pigeons constituted his second vaccine. In this way Pasteur obtained

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day. Each night alter the purging give a paregoric of the

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regurgitation of chyle or lymph whereas Dr. Eoberts surmises that the

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to the boiling point strain and evaporate to the proper consistence.

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syllables or uneven in rhythm. The channels leading to the

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vein filled with pus through the whole length i. e. from

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compared with that produced by the same amount of morphin

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bed pan displacement to a greater or less extent is made at the

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Motion pictures may also be the means of stimulating

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Bollinger found in a certain disease of the lower jaw of the ox.

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attaches it to the head collar. The pole should reach about fifteen

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Einzelftudien berangezogen worden fo vor allem von der kunftlieben

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generally sufficient is two grains of the citrate given every third hour

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eral years. Notwithstanding the curability of many cases those for

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power of the tubercle bacillus to staining with carbol fuchsin.

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IX. On the Position of the Infective Hookworm Larvae in the Soil.

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they are referring to is what is commonly called western

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lion clle inspire a notre savant collegue M. Bonnemaison cette boutade profon

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fractures were of the right leg and 45 per cent were

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allow such as had shown special ability or fitness.

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especially few items tell so little of the true state of affairs.

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the constricted part. During the intervals he enjoyed good health. Fre