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Dr. Charles Van Buskirk Professor of Neurology and Head of the

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He thinks that the prognosis in untainted healthy infants

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which was regarded as a fact turns out afterwards to have been an

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All invalids are by no means consumptiyes. From my own

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overcrowded condition of the isolation hospitals. In

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Sanitarium and Visiting Physician to Eudowood Sanitarium. Ad

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Tuesday Evening June 10. Concert on the Piaz a. Uniloil

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medical officer ought to perform. He should become the

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photophobia. He was given 0.2 gram calcium acetyl salicylate

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through his first two stages as quickly as his abilities and

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tended to decrease the liability to contamination with the putrefactive members

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Health Officer s Department as an administrative and

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compound in the blood which enters into decomposition and when the

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Wednesday 9 a. m. a Surgical Clinic will be held in the

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the inner border of the biceps to join the brachial veins.

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of meningitis. The picture therefore is one of meningitis sjanpathica.

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treatment in this country. In this country people earn

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relieves the liver and has an antiseptic action on the

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the present facilities of the Health Department would re

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tion when the medicine is introduced through the skin

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Spigelia in minute doses where the heart is involved.

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and is therefore well qualified to speak from long experience

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due antiseptic precautions trephining is not now a dangerous operation.

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beyond the wrist or at least remains comparatively stationary

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Mr. Lane showed a case of dislocation of the lens into the

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reason to be astonished at the multiplicity of the works in which they

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this country. We would suggest that in the next edition

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poison is injected directly into the veins death is almost

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months subsequently it appeared in Italy and shortly afterwards in Gibraltar.

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cription out of a Modem Formulary for Physicians. And I

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with fine crepitations prolonged expiration and increased

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rate equaling the improvements in hygiene and sanitation. Does eating

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easily pulverisable when quite dry but tough and flexible

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three occasions and twice was normal. The cough was less trouble

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less thickness over a certain limited area. This condition when occurring

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for exploration of the uterus for the treatment of jjost

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found in the United States census that 18 594 deaths

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ployed it with advantage in many cases. In the second

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cells in the cortex to be the astonishing figure of 9 200

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see a man who had attempted suicide by taking a quan

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The chemical properties which have been used for this purpose are the iodine

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letter to me upon the subject he writes as follows

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a favorable medium for the growth of the bacilli in

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of the vagina and supporting the uterus in cases of

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the danger to life is extremely great and among the newly born

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ment of Agriculture of this State. I am of the opinion that the

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A little later Schreiber found that a rise of temperature

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siderable number of new recruits had been received. At first the epidemic

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Mr. Brown. Well we are concerned that if the Maple X reactor

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dealers in canned vegetables that the sanitary officials will insti

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cil data for an exact statement of the relative frequency. As regards

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merely amelioration is being effected children adjusted in their own homes

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Kolle and Isaeff made other studies on immunity in chol

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of cough and expectoration and pronounced pulmonary signs was

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was then pnt in 10 minims of distilled water. He then took