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for treatment in civil hospitals or by civilian physicians for men

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tion be one sided. The secondary infections are also delayed and that

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connexion with empyema. In the latter case however it is almost

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of his legs and a slight cough with profuse expectoration.

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do not always go on to heal uninterruptedly. If they are

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ment improvement proceeded slowly until several months later

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The book commences with a brief foreword by Sir James NFac

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the area of reaction on the skin generally parallels

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the Thomas splint or its modifications was invaluable

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no trace of any old coagulum so that we must refer the

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the respiratory and vasomotor centers are concerned in

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VI. Hydrorrhachis or an excess of fluid in the arachnoid space

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are to be taken as are needed in a diphtheria case.

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plete and permanent in a third series complete in the flexed position only.

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surface. These appearances occasionally extend to the gullet.

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Post mortem revealed a complete skeleton with soft parts

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gradually increased from 48.7 per cent in 1904 to 54.3 per cent in

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larynx. Dr. Senn s case moreover was not published in the Journal

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twenty four hours. On one occasion it flowed at the rate of eight

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indicated in stertorous breathing but where there is a

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impressed on pneumonia and all other febrile diseases 91.

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lytic anemia. Was there any urobilin in the urine of this patient

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Third Period. The cutaneous affections tend to generalize

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Though I had seen no reference in medical literature to a similar

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has been sufficiently large to be of some importance I

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the small capillaries of the lung and also in other tissues and

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between the two layers. This acted as an efficient splint and

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moir has greatly changed our opinion. We are at present convinced that

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from an animal placing it in a bath of paraffin and

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shire was held at Perth on August 6th when six members

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the writer could be recognized by the Examiner is to be written

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analagous to spinal paralysis atrophic cerebral paralysis all fur

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of instruction and proficiency in the practice of Vaccination and satisfactory

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The enlarged chapters on such subjects as the Abderhaldcn reaction

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world moves for Oliver Wendell Holmes M. D. tells us in

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the remaining eighteen cases the catarrh was chronic

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The etiology of the complaint seemed at first rather obscure

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favorable conditions under which the dogfish specimens had

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The orthogenetic process is the primary and fundamental one.

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The kind of weapon inflicting the favorable the prognosis especially

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indicate the existence of appendicitis they do not snggest in any way the

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born of foreign parentage the various social grades

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of tlie Hranclies concerned to carry out in their countries

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genital canal presents no exception to the general rule that Avhen an

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functions of the bladder and rectum are normal there are

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the heart region is pleural or pericardial. Pleural friction may be

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therein. This requirement recognizes the important point in good basic

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his technique in gastrectomy which has given very good

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feature in this type is hypertrophy and the symptoms are due

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father had been sergeant surgeon to Elizabeth and who

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of the roentgenographic studies which in some of his cases show

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perpetuated in a long line of generations to come. A mother s

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though in this case the structural arrangements are disturbed. The

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