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immersion in a sulphur bath a dark discoloration as
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which is able to neutralize the effect of the toxin is cholesterin. When
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mucilage of starch is a valuable anodyne in cases of abdo
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Dewis J. W. Congenital pelvic malposition of left kidney in it
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possible to keep his typhoid patients under observation for
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efficient health officer of Calhoun county and one of
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manner satisfactory to the Authorities of the two Colleges and any
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female especially liable to a development of the disease and
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were numerous large multinuclear megakaryocytes a condi
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was as big as an egg and esteemed the best in Europe.
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and gave interesting reminiscences ot his own old school
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is best adapted for the enfeebled state of the digestive tract.
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about. The name pyodermia must suffice in this con
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clergy had frequently endeavoured ts prevent them. It was ultimately
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relieving the congestion of the brain at tlie commencement restoring
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infiltration in which the lung tissue is softer and bathed with a purulent
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even the adult worms seem to be inoffensive in themselves. The eggs
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tures from the ear abscesses of two patients. Smears
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Mr. Boyle tries to modify this statement by stating
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Blumer G. The relation of the status lymphaticus to sudden
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anthesis 5 flowered the four surrounding bracts membranous elliptical ovate
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performed by Mr. Plimmer who possesses as I do not the requisite
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The book is essentially elementary in character and as the
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legions I thought of this man they were his ancestors. He was
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of lime the urine being acid or neutral at the time
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glands leading to severe dyspnea and serious dysphagia fol
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expression 200 cc. of a thin fluid containing free hydrochloric
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A scraping from the cancer showed cells similar to those found in the
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particularly before ulceration. We are indebted to Dr. Stephens for its
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best and the surest indication for the abstraction of blood. Vigorous as
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ceased and the dread of water disappeared. The patient fully
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mucous follicles amp c. It is in this cavity that the
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was scarified and cold douches apphed despite which however it
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creasingly more frequent after that period of life.
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The difficulty of explaining how the degeneration connects itself
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correct interpretation of the principles upon which it depends are due to
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heat put up in hermetically sealed envelopes is an almost ideal
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decided odor of musk. The smell had been noticed several days but was
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also a report of Mr. Percy Sargent s presidential address
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vascular infiltration entering the parenchyma of the cord and
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AVomen s Federation was held on Decomber 13th at the
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anxiety because of the danger of hemorrhage. Even the
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stimuli may have an unpleasant effect on the psyche. Tims certain odors
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common sense and indefinitely postponed the redemption of society.
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or spectacle seller s shop but have your eyes properly ex
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have often known horses stand severe rattling for months together
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until the circulation in the femoral arteries ceased and was
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portion of mankind from year to year located in Irish asylums. It
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ratory workers even in the absence of local lesion or lympha
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doubled this capacity and gave accommodations for 1 000 emergency beds.
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and vipers as experience hath made us doubt Whether the
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at the rate of 100 per annum aud 10 honorarium on completion
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absence of the distinctive symptoms of pyelitis already described
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cavities. The cure depends upon destroying the fungus and
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ponding increase of imitations and though this is a
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Physicists have demonstrated that if electric current of high
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metabolic rate and therefore according to Mosenthal who
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erysipelas cancer and severe diabetes. N. Maktelli and
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sporoblast in its turn divides into two falciform corpu.scles lying
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cies he studied with the same diligence and mental acumen
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functions were fully re established although the patient had been engaged
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standard to work by. Public parks and the tops of tramcars
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Ivithin the United States and abroad and are given first for con
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with two drams of bicarbonate of soda daily the trouble was arrested
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