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when the reaction is present it renders the prognosis grave. From

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practicalness to chemistry and discovered the indestructibility

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nerve fibres in the giay matter. The perivascular and pericellular

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temperament and of action which remains is considered as constituting

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articular cartilages without any external deposit such as tophi

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pendent upon the development of the Wolffian duct as

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were quite distinct certain objections have been brought. Thus it is

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endocarditis lenta with viridans bacteriemia in adults. In these mild

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Kitasato who showed us many courtesies. The opportunity

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tion on vouchers from the local member of the Board of

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clothing as this would convert it into a poultice and deprive

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tereets of British commerce in the Bights of Benin and

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sides of the chest and that the lungs surrounded the heart

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At this stage of the complaint you will frequently be informed by

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ness of the skin more especially of the feet in the

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value. I venture however to appeal earnestly to medical

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is not soon established the ischemic area becomes necrotic.

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Armington John L. Greensburg Athon James S. Charleston Ballard

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preliminary training. No man can hope to turn out a finished

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and men in the proper application of splints. At first three such orthopedists

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Many writers recommend the local use of salicylic preparations

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GASTEROSTOMIDiE Braun 1883a 59 1893a 887 895 900 912 1895b 136.

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too much disregarded and too little care is taken to protect the system

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Interruption of the local circulation in the deeper parts of the

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vertically over the foreign body. To ascertain its depth a

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renal hemorrhage distension and dilatation of the pelvis of the kidney

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marked as their love of country and their confidence

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the Council of the British Medical Association praised

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use requires practice good technic and longer time than is

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have recorded that the normal plantar reflex differs in some of its features

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has the anti tuberculosis movement In this country been

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cult of the Semites. Our science has also begun this bold though

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bronchitis. He had been in the ward for some months under treatment

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a placenta pre ia. Two fingers were pushed through the os in

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for two weeks. It may be questioned whether or ndt the use of

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of the Dundee Division that medical officers while sta

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with relative difficulty and irregularity. By repeated injec

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results of the experiment showed that the symptoms pro

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it includes not only systemic infections but also local inflammations.

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the legal responsibility of the accused. The question for

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age of chloroform in the blood of these animals. In

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harm indeed much safer than were he under her verv

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for a subject one that I hope may interest a few of

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Case 13. Acute faraplegia softening of cord fatty degeneration of the

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are not mentioned but the tropical climate favours tick development.

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be taken in large quantities always. Also the patient must

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is undeniable that the female form divine has. from

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some altitude in every continuous ascent when a feeling of embarrassment

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chemically and physically by Dr. Guthrie. Its specific gravity was

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nerve. Some peculiarities of the general symptoms of intracranial lesion

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longer employed. The mildest cases require only a laxative a suit

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animal nearly valueless. Some of these injuries will be alluded to

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sale destruction of the tonsil will soon be a matter

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bietwcen the cerebrospinal fluid and the circulation of brain and cord.

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diagnostic value in carcinoma and comes to the conclusion

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itself that the student gets half consciously to disregard what is unim

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the opinion I think that my visit was perfectly justified.

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prospects in the have been so discouraging the

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correspondence which I shall give below after having given what I consider

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patient unconscious might cause suffocation. In apply

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be easily palpable. The blood examined that day was foimd to

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one class the brachycardia arises from the vagus or

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spirit of ammonia in full doses helps to allay the paroxysm. VMien the

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gets stuck together so that the pus is for the time being retained.

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eu globulins. After 33 per cent saturation with ammonium sulphate and