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title of surgeon major as in the case of Militia battalion surgeons and

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delicacy and invalidism but the process is progressive and devitalising

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phic changes but also by lesions in the peripheral nerve

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Henry s old students meet and when the talk turns upon his

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the War College are insanitary. They should be removed and proper

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the results hold equally true whether the gelatose gets

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munication and aggregation of the people. The railroads the public

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could not be further transplanted and hence was not identified.

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be superficial or involve all the layers of the cornea. They may be

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head communication between all parts of the building. At first the

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Dr. Mackenzie finds that the venous pulsation in chlorosis is auricular

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canal and middle ear or in the sound perception apparatus labyrinth

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enables the student to test his knowledge and to accustom

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Air alone in the pleural cavity to which the term pneumothorax is

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writer then just returned from a European laboratory to preach the gospel

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this does not succeed and the sense of touch is not

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four weeks ending April 23rd 509 births were registered and 420

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The authors have been engaged in an interrupted research upon the

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people are very much incensed at their dilatoriness and at the

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Most frequently unilateral these local causes of paralysis may be bilateral.

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great use in rescuing men from the water should one of the

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and hence is not the homologue of the anastomosis found in

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of civilized conmiunities reacquire their susceptibility to the poison

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the man as first I knew him A strong sturdy large frame more

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of two or three inches the radiation being easily perceptible by

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those who have to breathe it. The inmates lose vigor and

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exposed to cold and heavy physical exertion. Further

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antisyphilitic treatment by the family physician. When four years old con

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there hold a Court ot Assistants for carrying into effect these Our Letters

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maize bread made with sorgho holcus sorgum rye rice or wheat

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Systemic blastomycosis and coccidioidal granuloma re

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By ShetiBeld That this meeting endorses the view expressed

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cells red blood corpuscles leucocytes and crystalline or amor

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This immunity apparently lasts for eight or nine months. These

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the r. S. Army quarterly or oftener as prophylaxis against

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newly formed cells replacing those destroyed. New capillaries

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was a great inspiration. New York had always been a surgical

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never led to negro office holding. Even in Massachusetts I remember

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the asking. It s chock full of success making ideas.

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bowels in 22 of our patients 23 per cent.. The waves were often

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two generations of the Gorgas family. In 1853 the father of

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to be more frequent in the first ten years of life

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murdering or mind dwindling occupation or take a good

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tangle the present difficulties of congestion in the

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a certain degree of multiplicity. It remains a problem which I

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species Gynura elliptica Yabe amp Ilayata was j reviously known only from

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for any particular case it is well to consider whether

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agitation. A multitude of ideas surge into consciousness and disturb

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around the inner tube. A tightly packed piece of glass wool was introduced

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wool and containing some hygroscopic material to promote the ab

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Keduction of the twist is very difficult. It may be attempted in

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The contrast between the grouping of these forms on the basis

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the vaginal route with enlargement of the operative

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finely graduated effort starting from any given minimum. This

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action of the skin is generally more serviceable in ascites than diuretics

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sails. It was not an arena for conducting operations of an useful

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ness to pressure about the joint slight atrophy of thigh

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vice committed at sixteen is not the same though it agrees

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May you remember to call upon it whenever you need it.