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Although as a general rule pathogenetic infection extends by way of an

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served during life and the morbid appearances discovered after death the

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tuberculosis. I give here the literature of twenty four cases of

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ing diet potatoes watercresses orange or lemon juice.

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increasing the authority of the General Board of Control

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ous and caustic properties of phenol have caused a very limited

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retrocsecal abscess within whose walls was found a large brain

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iodine. Irrespective of the source whether sea water or inland deposits

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simply inject antiseptic solutions but it does not work out. You

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In one subject killed flfty four days after operation a

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ing into the typical picture of albuminuric retinitis. The author

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shouhl not hesitate for a moment to have recourse to this invaluable

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life within the realm of human existence. All its phenomena enter

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medical college than St. Louis in the above consolidation.

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the horse will ere long be banished from metropoli

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formed with thrifty ease just as we unconsciously censure the nervous


field Md. to inspect the operations of the Service at that port.

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To the above cases we wish to add the following instance of

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the probable cure at the least in a grave illness. Probabilism

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thought that they will be more liberal in this article.

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of the nervous system. He believes that the presence of uric acid and

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ficiaries of the Soldiei s Home civilians and general prisoners was

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would have to let down the bars and register all the quacks who

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liable to be washed out of the wool by heavy tropical rains. The

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and offer him reasonable inducement to consider the Army as a career.

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giving full particulars of such houses to Hon. Sec Association

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to the site of the appendix and that both ureter and

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between the tubercle and the smegma bacillus. Th importance

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ture. It advised that the commission should be formed

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special study of them may employ them rightly in all diseases in

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avertiqu il nous juiltoit et se retiroit de notre compagnie et

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to ojierate for incontinence less frequently than for

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ache pain in the chest and cough. The aifection at this stage is

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further back is dependent upon nervous lesion in the brain perhaps

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when the plant is in flower the seeds are gathered when per

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istration whether by mouth or hypodermically must be deter

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with particulars of a lamp for suitable artificial light

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During its active service the contagious disease section admitted 1 111

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Close observation especially when he was holding an object with the

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interesting character. After becoming blind himself he was educated

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of the patella or patellar string halt as it is sometimes called. The

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be. Do not come the pathetic over him that you have six

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fibres with free curling ends and also as short curly fibres

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relieved by the administration of tion an undesired anesthetic ac

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run the risk of inflaming the humours whilst moderate diet

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The rate of liberation which would be required to maintain

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Under natural conditions the disease appears in 13 90 days after

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In predisposed individuals the attack often comes on whilst washing the

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A Uttle edema could be made out the ankles pitting on pressure

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with a pair holding the work a little further on the through

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Gillespie s argument other than air precisely as in his

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the sense that it excites a more rapid or more disastrous course

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should be could be easilj got at by the size of the particular

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is it his province to discuss the relative value and

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nerves are exposed and fresh sensations of pricking and smarting are