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or by modifications of the temperature curve or by differences

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Co operation by internist and surgeon in the treatment of Graves

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plan. Should the digestive organs become deranged I use digitalis by

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several points in its length of a milky white tint sometimes shaded

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noted represents the cause of the total deafness in

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To take a still more simple case in illustration. A man has

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they are naturally obscured by more urgent symptoms.

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no shutting off of dangerous foci by fibrosis and calcification.

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might become general. Opium in these cases not only

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work early in August. It has been ui ged that infants

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type with a slow onset so that the condition becomes established several

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the distinct purpose of disgusting the unseen intruder.

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in the last yeai and the report of the Panel Committee

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bri. Thus of the two most important studies those of Pau

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viewed in the light of modern science is seen to be un

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comes on gradually one eye only may be affected but usually both eyes

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but no trace of diseased action could be discovered in it.

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Report Relating to the Registration of Births Marriages

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surrounding skin is often purplish hard and discolored.

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AVith recovery of reflex functions other forms of exercise

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triple phosphates and a few leucocytes are also not infrequent ingredients.

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insanity died from Arsenic. He had convulsions and resisted

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salicylates are valueless and the characteristic ap

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tions lor the Herviaphrodisms dnQ to the union of the sexes or

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treatment saline purges may be useful while arsenic

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Nemser s experiment 118 ith dogs. He found that with these

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guinea pigs with the suspected tissue. Briefly speaking

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soluble powder given in gastralgia syphilis and epilepsy.

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carditis in which without much or any loss of substance the valves and

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anywhere detected. Thoracic and abdominal viscera healthy.

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tion of Aneurysms of the Arteries in General Except the Aorta and

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We have operated in 14 cases and got eight re attachments. The chances

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ward and it is on this special point that I have conse

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The aortic valves are covered with vegetations and calcareous matter.

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Januensis and the balneological works of Giovanni and Giacomo de Dondi.