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dent wasting of bodily tissues more particularly the

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external symptoms. Some of the cattle carrying the contagion

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neighboring organs it may compress the ascending vena cava causing

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comes extreme distressing hiccough occurs the extremities become cold

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are often painful points over the scaleni muscles or between the bellies

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The writer states that oxygen dissipates congestive headaches and

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be permitted to sit up. Only a teaspoonful of water or

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maintained up to the age of twelve when she commenced working in

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tion in which the eosinophile cells seemed to play any part.

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Third Corps troops and the 2d Division had much higher sick rates

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fact that his heart begins to hammer for about a minute.

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suffering by pressure on ovary. Fever rapid pulse nausea rest

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The volume of air which you describe in the second paragraph of your

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toe on the ground and vice versa. Mr. Spooner and nearly the

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tion of various deleterious substances. Some of them tes

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and the womb enlarges proportionately and contraction to all appearance does

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tinued in same dose but two doses to be taken in the

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of making free incisions whenever pus was present this being a

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false. Proof was given at the trial that the answers

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The first academic year of what was to be the School of Public

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dilatation of the heart later cardiac insufficiency and in a few instances

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short facilitates treatment but is not essential. The hairs in the diseased

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Dr. Arthur B. Duel New York discussed the operative

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neuritis and the careful observer finds this quite frequently. At

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that of Siebenmann and I would put the percentage even lower. It must

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and lower extremities will by reflex action assist in main

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and assume the duties of chief quarantine officer of

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compresses of 3 per cent lysol or creolin solution covered with

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living monkey. Now according to the opponents of vivisec

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