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September 28 1907 the following cases of transmissible
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hope that this is merely the dawn of its beneficent triumphs.
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It may recover to the extent of having only a central scotoma
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water near him he will cease with the rest to give forth any
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One sixth of a grain given to a strong muscular man
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ritis. Some persons certainly evidence a marked tendency to
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the two elements somatic and visceral of the trapezius complex
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Whooping cough is not infrequently found to be complicated
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cilli injected into the uterus with the sperm which
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comparatively slow of absorption. Strontium has been
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pearances of the white infarct but Litten has proved this
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The studies of the comparative anatomists upon the cerebellum
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found on the anterior surface of the auricle and anterior margin of the
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ness and vertigo sudden cerebral anoBmia may occur during excitement
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slight increase in the excretion of urea and the diminution of
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ting posture it would reappear. Urination was never affected.
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of the narcotism are of little importance. As a rule the antagonist
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consideration the formation of a Dentists Association was not even
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The following tables show the principal causes of admission and
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were those of epithelioma and superficial post operative recur
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are normal 4 are improved although the joints have never entirely
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Ilhind VVm. Treatise on the Nature and Cure of Intestinal Worms of
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and for some reason I cannot explain causing much less discomfort.
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spiratory muscles as from injuries inflicted on the
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She vomited on the first two days and fainted four times
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sharp cutting instrument as when a shoemaker cuts himself with his
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nificant in size was to be expected and that in about 10 per
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The living platelets with their flagella beating the plasma to a
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aneurism it would be most fortimate for many patients.
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riers and frequently abused by being employed indiscriminately
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ceeding to measure his visual fields. The left visual field except for a
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The wound 1 should have said was dusted over with iodoform and
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Mild alkaline calic water used in treatment of rheumatism
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do the slightest injury never more than enough to give
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For invalids requiring nutriment a large quantity of
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of which 123 had received injuries and 899 were malarial.
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The following statements seem to the writer to be so important that
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years his friends hearing of the phosphorus treatment
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those portions of the heart where the current is feeble as in the
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the aepirator. If the calculas can be reached a free opening 1
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to promise a cure if his habits which were intemperate did not interfere
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All are agreed on the distinctive characteristics of avian bacilli.
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Aortic and Pulmonary Trunks Immediately above and fjelow the Distal Bulbar
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place to an inquiry into the development of the aesthetic conscious
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assume the task of procuring and testing antitoxine
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and after being treated can be returned to their sheepfold. If the
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diminished urinary secretion and finally become dropsical. Now from
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culosis. In three cases no connexion between the rash and tuberculosis
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joints when about eighteen and the stiffness increased until his body
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History discharge from right ear vertigo vomiting weak
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Diagnosis. This is often impos the intestines omentum etc. Later
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ment of the biliary organs as in some forms of dyspepsia and of
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liant results that twenty days treatment accomplished
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conditions. The urine became free from sugar and ketone bodies
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determined either by antibody content or by actual resistance to infec
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abilities therein incurred but for which 1 did not apply for discharge
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potafisium will precipitate it FeaFe Cye if a persalt ferrocyanide
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cal Journal has been the occasion of serious disturbances
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such a degree that the superficial surface becomes lobulated.
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the ten years from 1890 1900 118 patients have come
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smooth about one fourth the length of the leaves stipules obloDg
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LSD and phencyclidine PCP. These tests and experiments were
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surfaces especially when inflamed are exquisitely tender.
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