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In the transactions of the Pathological Society of London Vol. 39
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alterative anthelmintic hydragogue and sialagogue. It is an active
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Visiting Nursing in the United States. Containing a Directory of
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and original. M. Heydenreich under the title of the pathology of the
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Washington University Attending Gynecologist to the Emergency
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simple broncho pneumonia may become tuberculous or broncho pneu
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Microscopic examination. Dark tubules are present in the fresh preparation. Paraf
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disease it is hoped will ultimately give us such results that
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have been interesting and important. They have shown us that the
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hospital training schools. After a short chapter on the digestion
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deeper effusions may take place after death as well as during life.
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altitudes upon the organism. As one ascends to a higher
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a second operation. Myomectomy is attended by as high a
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Exposure to storm getting the feet wet and the sudden application of
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Guanidin is thought to contribute to the symptoms of tetany. The
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understand the vagaries of the disease in influenza and as sometimes the
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soon to be used commercially. There are numerous other
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engineering and brought a fresh mind to the problems of
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the fact that it decomposes readily on contact with the air. A
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throughout the entire tissue. It is important to note however
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In the first semester 1 132 student hours of instruction were given
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cold air and on them depends our patient s possibility of regaining
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paraplegia. Not so however in hysterical paralysis where
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at Blois from officers and enlisted men of the American Expeditionary Forces
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Centrifuging is continued till the erythrocytes come to occupy a constant
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It is usually accompanied by profound constitutional
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in their centers are saucer or shield shaped. The scabs have
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and prognosis it seems but proper to use some kind of classifica
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swimming and life saving instructions to women. Instruc
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ment of infectious conditions and we hope to present a resum6
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tainable. There was always the danger that the pumps had been contaminated
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Pathological Leucocytosis. It is usual to find a leucocyto sis following
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extremely rapidly by the bacterial cell. The importance
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