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to the boiling point strain and evaporate to the proper consistence.

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from the study of Bunting that the heart muscle may be affected.

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Mark intends to become a pathologist and is serving an internship in that

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differentiate. From tumors starting in the meninges or

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the deep relations between the healthy phenomena of life and

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fairly well without the chloral draught. On August 9th the tempera

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occupations and methods for placing men when they are qualified to

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real article from the medical profession have told them

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without causing irritation. Dry dressings in most oases

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which have been previously selected by the Council of the Section.

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although requested to do so. One cured case died of pernicious

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until a cure is established it is therefore the most im

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Dr. R. Whitman said that the slight deformities of children should

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bodies were thickly incrusted with horribh fetid cheesy masses

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confess upon mv part that I have not language sufficient to do it

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national health. There was no better preventive officer than

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membrane of the mouth which is able to produce the change just

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even as a consequence of this become secondarily affected with

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tion of pupils picking of nose and lips. In favorable cases lethargy and

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many excellent soporific agmts unfortunately produce evil effects in

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viscera contrasted remarkably with the fearful ravages of

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published. The majority of these defects are however

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Socrates venisse Theut ad Thamum regem Aegypti eiqne artes suas

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causes no acceleration in the jugular. The acceleration conse

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during its ascent. The air from outside enters the compartment F

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under the conditions of the recent Insurance Act to sum

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phases of its grow th. After the thirtieth day of age all the

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which when normally incident on a 2 per cent solution of iodoform in

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of meningitis. It is remarkable in these cases how few indications there

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of flour butter the size of a walnut drop into hot irons

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a second circuit two parts of the same conductor or two

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let out a quantity of fluid and performed a temporary enteros

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of the affection of cutaneous sensibilitj has been frequently

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was also with child. In a subsequent letter we learn that the

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Besides these benign aphthae there appear in weakly chil

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sions usually furnish a clew to the distinction sought to

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swelling or fluctuation was made out. Occasionally he v amp mitert

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local treatment rarely indicated. When there is a deficient secretion

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Research Institute Kasauli. The results of his exneri

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the drug stimulates the mucous membrane of the digestive

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pulse scarcely perceptible. Vomiting did not ensue

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poultices these means almost always remove or at least relievo ttia

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The treatment usually employed here for ununited fractures is by the

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surgery has made possible physiologic exploits that could not other

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ished but proved also of some diagnostic value inasmuch as there

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brown for breakfast with or without the addition of syrup oi

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n t of one who is yet whole. Reference was also made to

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double connection with the hind brain one a projection system from

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phlegmon was seen but it was plainly evident that there was a

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His sketches of early Indiana physicians and early medicine of Indiana

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percentage rises while the total number of leucocytes remains

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effect of its addition to the medulla and of its subtraction from the

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ings of deep regret that my stay here could not be.

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tension and rotation of the joints of the inferior and superior

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Epigastric Tenderness is in all febrile complaints symptomatic of Congestion of the Brain

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medicine man excites among the Thlinkeets can easily be

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low and few in number but the epithelial cells exhibit no

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Anatomic Diagnosis. General tuberculosis miliary and

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is also at limes a result of pressure. Through its favoralile

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ball and lids and very sharp shooting pains and a sensation of

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poison which especially acts upon the nerves of the heart much as in

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CANTOR G. Grundlagen einer allgemeinen Mannigfaltigkeitslehre.

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Members of the sanitary squads inspected and reported to the center sanitary

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gitis by the occurrence of acute bedsores or by cystitis. So too where

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bolic need we should have a mechanism by which not only

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dealt with urinary calculi as a complication of prolapse. The

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bling of blood ever since. An exacerbation of about

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holds the case. The relief from the cases not requiring to be seen

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a keratitis set up. The left wrist painful and swollen.

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the glans the forceps being carried obliquely in the

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derived from leucocytes and blood plates. It is probable that

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ment are capable of still further depressing the mortalitv.