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tery. Extraction was performed and althougli acute glaucomatous
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ifestation of a marked loss of psychic balance which however
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further degree of contraction. This contraction like the first compresses the
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of February 23d gives the details of a gastrotomy per
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discharged into the mouth stomach and intestines. Chemistry of simple
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patients with moderate and severe lesions recover. The quinine treat
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or less improbable have been started and the remedy has been almost
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known under the name of partial ejnlepsy or the parrella epilepsy of the
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but everywhere crepitant and there were no adhesions of the pleurae. The
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proximating dropsy r Thus if 1 an correct in my first
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animal scale to his carnivorism. This truth may not be
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tion that in such superimposed colon infections the organisms
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fractures and orthopedic conditions. The following distribution of
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found an injection of a freshly prepared infusion of
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cardiac disease constituted a contraindication. As I stated before
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the vagina to its maximum capacity as illustrated in
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fascia it splits to enclose the subclavius muscle is at
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it escapes into the stomach after administration of iodides.
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It is to relations of the second type it may be assumed that
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bled freely while being separated by means of a moist cotton
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who is interested in this modern method of diagnosis of
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made and the doctors on whose evidence the committal was granted
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greatest pleasure to see you attempt to enforce your ordinance in
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left grounds for uncertainty as to the diagnosis. It was
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feel indebted as allies in the struggle against infec
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man. The joints now troubling him are the right shoulder
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We shall not attempt to carry you when the shriek of the locomotive
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they do not consider either society or the state as representing
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detoxicated are most active therapeutically. The only
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also discussed in the same paper. This method of administering
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was surrounded on all sides except its base by a layer of
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felt or seen in several intercostal spaces of the affected side most cases
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And sublingual glands which are occasionally infected
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ning very irregularly being with one exception over
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on the other. Hence the fact that irradiation of the thyroid greatly
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similar reformation in the tropics. He then gives the seven com
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stale matter nor tiresome compilations. On the contrary it
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generally good. The following case is very character
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appeared fairly early and with the signs of an inflammatory
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In reply to another question by Mr. Chancellor with
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manent cure can be assured no matter whether the stricture is
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disease is within their sphere if not for the child before
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are distributed to about forty stations at convenient points in the city.
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Third Assistant Eesident Medical Officors. Salary 175 and 150
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Outudc of medical journals there is no periodical published in America as well
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will remain a permanent fistula. When the stricture
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student. It must not however be taken as worthy of tha
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is to empty the over filled veins. So long as they are enormously
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jot on this matter we certainly earn every penny we get
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different parts of the town where cholera was preval
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afterwards on the medulla oblongata and spinal cord.
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African torrid zone nevertheless the descriptions published with
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ostium vaginsB will show some marks not infrequentl serious
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rate equaling the improvements in hygiene and sanitation. Does eating
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may separate itself from the other cells almost at the beginning of the
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edly cases however in which a circumscribed focus of disease
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file their insatiable greed and intolerance of criticism by those who
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ophilic leucocytes. American Journal of the Medical
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eructation suppression or irregularity of rumination constipation etc.
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pression of this nuisance should not be confined to arrest and pun
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symptornn wero present and pro lt ressive from the first
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more feeble. I re inverted her and retained her in that position for
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the early symptoms are often suggestive of asthma with marked wheezing
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iodine before giving the injections of quinine and urea.
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and fatigue. If accompanied by other symptoms etiological character
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the pathology is concerned to a similar but more chronic
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for some time inmates of the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium of
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v 3Km ol of Fellowship without examination was made by a Supplemental Charter
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Indians he is usually the ablest man intellectually speaking
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cicatrix with the resulting neuralgia and trophic derangements which
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ence to the prognosis which is so much more favorable in cerebro spinal
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many diseases. It may be boiled in milk sweetened and rendered
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early treatment for not only is it mistaken therapy but com
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ness and vertigo sudden cerebral anoBmia may occur during excitement
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many years ago by Kaensche in Breslau and generally placed in the
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fire is thought to have started from a sterilizer heated
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and even three species have been found together indicating that
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comes to you stating that for one week out of every
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have resulted in death. There are doubtless several
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Dr. Curtin has been called the doctors doctor in recognition
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Keep the patient in a dry well ventilated stall. Give a tablespoon