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aniesthesia. Adults seldom require more than three or
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education in the following subjects must be pursued and
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abdominal wound is closed. The patient is then placed in the
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son of a mystic power imparted to it by a particular
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the early stages inhalations of steam camphor turpentine
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cases of typhoid and kindred disorders is often an
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the gallop. The suspensory ligament in the hind leg is very similar
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disease developed a more exact knowledge than before existed.
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to gape. Chromicized catgut is used for sutures the
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produced by the causative agent the nature of the changes and
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arms of those afflicted with this malady. He found that
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in the study of the amount character and distribution of the cement
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that men who had seen no private practice often made poor assistants
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a tuberculous guinea pig which has been killed by the
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Hj ing include splendid laboratory and x ray departments.
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enclosing uttaclinientH of tlie chorda tcndinca. Friction of these vege
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be carefully cleaned out and some operators have proceeded further to
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of cultivation. The control animals would invariably recover.
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of Edinbureh and the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and Licentiates
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iluman Prame Lectures at the Orthopsedic Hospital 1843
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progress and it is unfair to make any adverse comment
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and therefore the danger of raising the ulna to the plane of
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base. The Jlowers are large very showy an inch broad pale or deep
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nitus vertigo sleeplessness palpitation of heart syn
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seriously endangered before the other receives the conta
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and introduced for thirty minutes into an atmosphere of tobacco
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were in the third decennium while two were older. The
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The wounded soldier will probably have been subjected to haras
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Dr. Hutton was toastmaster and toasts were responded to by
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spleen. These organs were free of tubercles and granulations and only
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Rested well during the night and had for breakfast coffee and
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seven operations were performed before the parathyroid adenoma was
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white the two lower spalhulate the uppermost projected backward so as
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patient s stay in the hospital and when the pnemonic
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i.e. acute nephritis which had developed at the Front without any
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must not separate at the tips on hard pressure while the blades
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ureteral stricture is made with the wax bulbed catheter. The chief
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with the flame of a spirit lamp is decomposed. The vapours that
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The gross rents from House Property amount as in the
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that appeal to the supreme court will be taken promptly
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testimony was contradictory as to the nature of a growth. On
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of civilized conmiunities reacquire their susceptibility to the poison
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paths and all others who continue to depend on wise looks the
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is this that they are as malignant as any tumors which
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He worked largely in conjunction with the Greek Archaeo
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rates and as a result the thickened mass is cast off. When occurring
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present to admit more than three fourths of this number and when it
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many impurities as carbon phosphorus sulphur silicon and occasion
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old ex eriment 91 we shall find that the resorption of alcohol
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efficiency higher the newer ideas must be right the older ideas must be
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each generation. Amongst those who survived the attack
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These researches show that horses may be contaminated by
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was the owner on the ground tliat they were used as dwelling
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species of Bembex and the fungus Emqjusa muscae is very pathogenic
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four weeks ending April 23rd 509 births were registered and 420
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sent to the Armv Medical School Washington D C The school
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is found lining the cholesteatoma cavity this should
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which operation and subsequent careful microscopic ex
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and any relaxation in their laws and precautions against bovine
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foration may be supposed to be present but there is still
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caused by the great destruction of brain tissue involved in the suppura
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extent of ahdomitial surface by careful manipulation the edge may be dis
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most of it. After the ship had sailed for her destination
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remember that this patient is only thirty years of age and yet his
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strikingly cold had become abnormally warm appreciably
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services of the association will come to an end when a certain
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operation which had been urged with some persistence and
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one case of interstitial pregnancy in the practice of Dr.
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the human tubercle germ pathogenic for fowls by cul
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were Schicked and cultured and carriers hospitalized until three
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were drawing movements of the hands. There was no retrac
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this so jaundice should occur in other conditions of
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Morbid Anatomy. A egetations in the form in which they occur
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rest of the week. The annual rate of mortality last week ending on
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commenced under anaesthesia produced by nitrous oxide or
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and A. J. Crowell was selected to prepare an appropriate minute rela