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gradual and successive invasion as that here laid down

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Over two years 27 casee 4 died mortality 16 per cent

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far as possible ill ventilated and stuffy places must be avoided

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involved there is the almost certainty that the disease

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to do. There is no such limitation and none was contemplated by the

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if they will not voluntarily take tbe aulphate of iron on

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as a man becomes more bilious it grows darker and is at

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prickles which transmit a venomous fluid when pressed. The stem is

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veins and feparate both the mucus which lubricates the cellular

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ikiUed in it. Amongst whom Pythagoras Elmpedocles and Democritus were the

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tion of diet in this relation be determined By using the term

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pathological changes set up there and always about the tuberculous

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we have and of progress toward a better resides in the

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about 50 F. the average winter temperature being 38 and that of the

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be done occasionally as the acute symptoms subside.

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In the Bitch many observers have assured themselves that super

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duct that all that was necessary tends to reduce irradiation sickness to

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RoDHAiN J.. Nouvelles Observations sur la Biologie de Passeromyia

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there appears to bo au intelligent method of overcoming

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This is a name applied to calcium betanaphthol alpha

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after effects of general anesthesia on heart liver kid

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as other business and experiments crowded me I had to content

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Head Small and clean cut muzzle large forehead straight or

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ments hardly seem to have received the attention which

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formed under the same circumstances i. e. death during pregnancy but

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or an ointment containing the same proportion of carbolic acid. In

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are not mentioned but the tropical climate favours tick development.

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the scar about 4 cm. long was treated with radium total 98 millecurie

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members can hold office or property or transact business equally with

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certain muscles of the hand interossei ball of the thumb more

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will arise if they have not already arisen. Inasmuch as prevention

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tion of each of the inner eye muscles. The change in

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formed under the same circumstances i. e. death during pregnancy but

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orderly and at other times rather disorderly and that the one is

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that concussion of the brain might be produced by a blow upon

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acts as a compressive agent. The collateral circula

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and right ventricle. If it was merely undulation the motion

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which the homogeneous gland was implanted a day or two

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ultimate analytical analysis all recoverable there

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itith which we are unacquainted unless heredity may be traced.

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trawlers should be provided with a Lauder Brunton snake

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point of differential diagnosis. The paper was accompanied by

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the use of the continuous current has proved of ser

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the injections are especially indicated in cases of

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a. Los Angeles streptothrix. Successful growth only secured after

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There was no history or evidence of his ever having

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danger. If tlie meafles turn too foon of a pale co

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the bones or soft parts or in tunnels or channels leading from these

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confirm or upset the communications of Prof. Vallee on the

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t The word splint was formerly used for armour. In the

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and as I learned in observation of English kitchens at the front

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palpable viscera may have the benefit of ma.ssage antl vibratory massage

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box has several circular holes made in its sides each about 4 inches

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statement of Koch s postulates establishing the path nic

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not to have been one animal since though they agreed in the

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A needless difficulty has been imported into the question of the

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Course Duration and Termination. With the progress of the case

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They need not fear publicity but must employ it actively judiciously

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they have been present for some time they thus contrast with the

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ist and Professor of Physiology and Pathology in the

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The following observations in Dr. Johnson s Review of April 1844

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