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the gray matter chiefly. The lateral ventricles are of normal

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easy except in cases of hemorrhagic or apoplectiform

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London Hospital Medical College. Diseases of Children

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or has been immunized prophylactically to that disease.

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brain to the muscle. Another gives the sense of the condition

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vasomotor sympathetic system. Any agent which causes chronic

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tragus and allowed to remain tor two minutes when they are

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EspiNE Marc d. Essai de Statistique Mortuaire comparee ren

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morphia the presence of contagious or venereal diseases abdominal wounds

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tracted and unyielding or if the child is very large or deformed

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edema frequently noted on the thoracic wall over empyemata

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in another the pylorus was thickened and gangrenous. In ten

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many of our honored colleagues look down upon us from the walls

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absence of laceration of the bladder was perfect. Weir

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these are accidental differences. The cancer formation may be in

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gen the product of putrefaction. Orpiment and Scheele s green

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describes what is and seeks an explanation in terms of its historical

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securely pinned or sewed. I always use large safety pins

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these are advised in order to save time as the difference of

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under the hypochondrium and above the abomasum and reticulum.

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essential electric character. In the meantime while

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the possible portals of infection. The umbilical route he considers

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externally is the cause of the progress inwards of the dis

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of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He had previously

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of the fluid. The wound remained dean a little sanguine of a rose

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shUlfe und Gynakologie contains a long article bear

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allotted a much more important position in the list of causes.

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of leucocythaemia refers to the pathological chemistry of the condition

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the young bark grayish to brownish slightly striate and lenticellate

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ever is the elfect of copious enemata upon the mass.

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therapy the patients are warmly clad with overcoats

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Dr. HiGGS wlio spoke on behalf of the borough practi

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practitioner meeting in consultation one who would prescribe the

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Salomon has especially investigated this matter and has en

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Of the nine cases of gonorrheal abscess eight patiente

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the best of physicians into all kinds of harmful local treatment.

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been a second examiner to put in a question he was sure

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cord and dispose of the infant also if need be to repair a