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By COURTENAY DINWIDDIE Executive Occupational Council The National Social Unit Organization

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Coagulation of the Blood The Medical History of England written

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pelvis and containing forty three separate fibroids.

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might have helped to prevent this malnutrition in young children.

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the Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia. He studied

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CalcuTu f om the same collection was found to consist of Uric Acid.

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Lisle CB. Du Suicide statistique medecine histoire et legis

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perborate in medicine and surgery. Special mention is made of the

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tests for the amount of fat in the cream to be employed

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permanent and independent results the real results remaining

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satisfactory results in treatment. O. cns onally a tumour

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at present it is in the experimental stage. Corpus luteum

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ulcerative absorption without any preceding infiltration of

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also severe inundations leaving decaying vegetation. Richmond s army has

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It is well known that in making such cutaneous injections

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The rate for tuberculosis was more than four times as great and for

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artery and the area of the lesion caused by a thrombosis at V.

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The efVects were valuable but temporary. Osmic acid was used later

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papules which were uot scaly. The oldest groups which were

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ascertain the comparative values of solutions for trans

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idea of the existence of the philosopher s stone must

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der Bias. Socotrine or East Indian aloes in moderately fine pow

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sor of the Principles of Surgery in the University and Bel

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and strengthening according to periods of life and to the condi

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could he successfully treated in a home climate like

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PATHOLOGY. Embolic processes in the lung vary greatly in the

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are nearly always present in these fluids and when they appear to be

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tion of diet in this relation be determined By using the term

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fomentation was continued. No change of note occurred until De

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to the presence of albumen. No doubt in a more advanced

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open air theatre visit your friends take a car ride or

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enforce a fair and liberal examination the pupil should then enter him

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ment were the source of much confusion and perplex

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cataract extraction and not in the surgical treatment

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actually essential and Hfe is not prolonged but certainly is usually

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the polarized ray to the left 26.73 and hence when present makes the

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plaster. The man was stimulated and put to bed.vith

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atic cholera and distinguishing it from cholera nos

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and development and second between puberty and prime years

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Despite sensitive radioimmunoassay tests for HBsAg applied to all donor blood

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pathological study. The advances made by the Leipsic

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cosgulnting property by the reagent employed. In order to aaoerttim

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and habits of the patient and the severity of the attack.

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disease nor does the particular affection itself shew any marked tendency

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American Army. Thej were not used exclusively however for American

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Should not the disease be discovered until there is considerable

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Firket combined statistics from various sources and

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that is to say the walls of the white vessels. Such a condition

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in its coarser lesions evidence that the influence is not

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fected by previously biting a person suffering from yellow fever.

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inflamed their calibre is diminished and an insuffi

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A circular containing a number of questions to be answered