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usually varies from three to four days. Rarely does this period extend to

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phylacogens were Introduced Dr. Schaefer used them In the County

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The retro mammary lymphatic glands are invaded even before the

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other. Thus we see in typho malarial fever the causes are

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these so called cataracts only occur in early life

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nations. Many patients have two or more kinds of tin

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serum with the capacity to protect against some 300 minimal lethal doses

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PROGNOSIS. Though we cannot affirm that leukaemia always ends

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was administered. On this day she asked the nurse Whether she

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liquors usually disagree. Brandy and soda water. Light French German

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the clot which has already arrested the hemorrhage in most cases by its

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Secretion is the result of the activity of the protoplasm of the

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Evaporated milk has been put through the following process Good